Plus Growth

It feels like months, but we are now heading into our third year of business… Time flies. It has been a wonderful ride so far, as we have been able to work with a wide range of thoughtful and engaging clients in a wide array of industries. One of our highest priorities heading into year three was to redesign our web presence to better reflect how we’ve grown- not only updating our work, but better articulating and communicating the value we add to your team + process.

We started out as more of an experienced contract team, engaging in specific areas to add value and expertise. But over the last two years, the Plus team has grown-not only in size, but also in expertise, as we now have design engineering and a strong UI/UX/digital capability to fortify our product and experience design offerings. We are now engaging more on ground up activities through a full process- from project definition, all the way through to engineering handoff-and the results couldn’t be better. Client feedback has been ecstatic, and our refined process has shown in the work-not only design, but in process efficiency, cost effectiveness, and optimized team collaboration.

Plus Design Team
Plus Design
Industrial Product Design

One of our key growth areas for 2022 is our Envisioning practice. We will be following up with specific postings on it, but it is a process and methodology we have been honing over the last 15 years- bringing together insights gathering and advanced concept development in an agile workshop-based format to quickly align on directional strategy. It’s a great process to figure out where you should go and why in a lean time sensitive effort.

To reflect our evolution, our new website dives deeper in the wide range of work we do as well as process, but also captures our refined tone that we as plus bring. As we all come from different backgrounds and larger consulting entities, we realize there are many choices out for design and development partners. One thing we have come to realize over these last couple of years is that we do bring something truly unique, and that is dedication and passion. We are a smaller, partner driven team that is invested in your success, and it shows. Obviously, a website only gets you so far, and is table stakes across the landscape, so we urge you to reach out and chat further so you can experience our team for yourself.

Thanks to everyone we have worked with over the last two years, and thanks to those who are pursuing our site and are considering reaching out. We would love to hear from you!