Wahoo Kickr System

No cyclist wants to ride indoors, but occasionally they have to due to time constraints or bad weather. The Kickr system was designed to enhance the indoor riding experience by emulating terrain incline and airflow/wind for a better ride. The Kickr Climb was designed to enhance the indoor riding experience by adjusting the bike’s position to simulate the feeling of riding on a real road or mountain. This allows cyclists to engage climbing muscles, improve pedaling technique, and naturally change position on the bike, so they can summit in their living room-then summit the real thing. The Kickr Headwind is the first purpose-built smart fan with targeted full body airflow designed for indoor cyclists to simulate the experience of open road riding. Headwind connects with other Wahoo products, such as heart rate monitors and speed sensors, to automatically simulate riding wind airflow. The goal for the system was to design and develop a high-performance, rugged enclosure that embodied Wahoo’s evolving visual and experiential design principles, while being cost-effective to manufacture.


Industrial Design
UX/UI Design
Design for Manufacture
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Design & Innovation Award 2022